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ImprovED Radio Program

Bringing proven HIV & Life Skills education to more than 1 million listeners

ImprovED Radio Program
NkomaziFM (100.2 in Mpumalanga) has given the opportunity to host Nkomazi TRIAD leaders broadcast a new format for ImprovED, their award-winning interactive HIV & Life Skills Education program.

The radio format program is 30 minutes Friday during the after-school hours. During this program, ImprovED facilitators will introduce relevant topics such as sexual health, rape & abuse, drugs & alcohol abuse, gender identity & sexual orientation, and goal-setting. But they introduce these topics in a dynamic, fun setting that encourages listeners to call in and participate in the discussion.

Many of the listeners will be the student participants in ImprovED’s weekly workshops in the schools around the Nkomazi. We expect that many of those students will call in to share what they’ve learned and experienced inside and outside the classroom. However we also expect to reach new audiences such as parents and member of the wider Nkomazi community.

ImprovED’s facilitators are experienced health educators, but also experienced entertainers who know how to engage people in exciting and fun ways.

The ImprovED Radio Program is different than other call-in shows because the hosts, experts, youth, and adult listeners are all from the Nkomazi. Through the experiences of these local community members, the program will open up the conversation and encourage open, honest discussions about situations that are most relevant, crises that are most urgent, and solutions that are most realistic. Our challenges are unique and our answers must be, as well. No one program will make our HIV crisis go away. But if we approach it with a local voice, the solutions may sound a bit more manageable.