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AIDS has been one of the deadliest epidemics in history.
The global economy has poured in billions of dollars into AIDS relief.
The challenge continues to outstrip response.

TRIAD focuses on prevention.

Since 2007, TRIAD has partnered with community-based organizations in regions of the world with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS to support them as they strive to lead healthy lives.

We support local leaders with design, program & leadership development and technology platforms and trainings that mitigate risk and maximize access to information and care through community-centered work.

Our flagship sexual and reproductive health training programs help local leaders to create educational 10-week workshops of interactive performance and song – programs custom-developed for each community – to give kids the critical knowledge and decision-making skills they need to make healthy, life-saving choices.

The resulting HIV, Gender Equity, and Life Skills education programs are designed to meet kids wherever they are, be it in school or out on the soccer fields. Our approach is also self-sustaining: Local leaders, once trained, run the programs and build upon it without outsider help.

And it works. Kids who participate in the educational workshops show a 2900% increase in HIV testing compared to their peers, and, among teenage girls, an 87% decrease in pregnancy. As for our trained workshop leaders, they become community mentors committed to HIV prevention education and gender equity— and to training new leaders as TRIAD educators.

Our technology-based platforms support community health workers as they ensure access to the highest quality treatment, support, and care and document our initiatives' impact.

As the scope of the HIV and Gender-Based Violence epidemics and needs of those most vulnerable populations evolve, so do our trainings. We hope you'll grow with us.