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Where to Care

What is Where to Care?
  • An app that allows Care Providers to share a link to a map of available sexual and reproductive health, comprehensive family planning, and gender-based violence services
What does Where to Care do?
  • Helps clients find nearby health service providers based on the client’s location
  • Provides verified information about the types of services which are available at that location
  • Assesses client friendliness at health care locations
Why is it needed?
  • Amidst the current environment of complex funding constraints and restrictions, care providers often cannot share accurate and up-to-date essential information about what services are available and where because those providers may:
    • Not offer the needed services
    • Be restricted in what information they can share with patients or clients
    • Not know all of the resources in the areas where the client lives or works
How does Where to Care work?
  • Care Provider uses the Where to Care app to send a Client an SMS
  • The Client receives a discreet SMS from Where to Care—NOT from the provider or her/his organization
  • The SMS contains a link to Google Maps
  • If the client clicks on the link, Google Maps opens and displays nearby services that have been verified by Where to Care-trained mapping teams
Who is behind Where to Care?
  • Where to Care is an initiative led by experts and partners at The TRIAD Trust, amfAR, Remote Harbor, the Center for Health & Gender Equity, faculty and staff at Harvard University, and a broad network of in-country NGO, CBO, private health providers, legal experts, academic researchers, government partners, and community-based advisors
  • Where to Care-trained mapping teams are composed of 100% community-based partners