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Community Outreach

Sports leagues, farm workers, & clubs... and more!

Community Outreach

Learning in and out of the classroom makes life fun;
teamwork on and off the field makes life easier.

Outside of school, members of the community also take advantage of the dynamic ImprovED programs. Facilitated in conjunction with TRIAD-­trained local Medical Educators, these Community Outreach partnerships enable groups to engage in active learning.

Community Based Organizations (CBOs) such as sports teams, farm workers, corporate-­sponsored family groups, church groups, extra-­curricular school clubs, and countless others take advantage of the custom-­tailored, eight-­week ImprovED workshops. TRIAD's Community Outreach curriculum blends program-­appropriate lessons that teach the fundamentals of team-­building, conflict resolution, sportsmanship, and skill mastery with priceless lessons about how to prevent HIV and how to live with the harsh reality of the pandemic.

Not only do we work to educate youth and adult participants about how to prevent contracting HIV and other STIs, but we work to de-­stigmatize those who live with HIV/AIDS. TRIAD-­trained Medical Educators work with every group to supplement the weekly ImprovED sessions and facilitate ongoing discussion. The dynamic lessons engage these active youth in role-­playing activities.

By collaborating with CBOs, TRIAD is able to focus its resources on addressing the specific needs of its participants. All CBO executives, coaches, and players over the age of 15 are strongly encouraged to be tested for HIV-not only at the end of the eight-­week workshop, but every three months. Of course, HIV status is not a factor in participation. But by encouraging testing as a condition of participation, the importance of knowing one's status is reinforced. Equipped with information from their health education and their testing, CBO staff and participants can make well-­informed decisions and lead healthier lives.