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RemoteID - Measuring our Impact

RemoteID  Measuring our Impact
The most important thing one can learn is one’s own status. Armed with that knowledge and the facts TRIAD weaves into programs, individuals can make informed decisions about their own behavior.

RemoteID™ makes it easier for local field medical and research staff to capture,
securely transmit (via any network technology, including cellular—which is more
widely available than wired internet connectivity in many underdeveloped areas*)
and remotely store, aggregate, and access anonymous, confidential information
about participants.

The system encourages significantly greater participation in TRIAD’s education,
treatment, and monitoring programs. Because all the captured data is linked by
default to unique biometric records and not any personally identifiable information, the cultural and personal concerns about privacy are largely eliminated. Yet the
scan makes it possible to longitudinally track/update the data over time to provide
ongoing health education and outcome research, and still maintain confidentiality.

*Cellular service reaches >96% of total population in South Africa, >70% in Uganda.
Source—World Bank ICT